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(Above is a photo of my Research Methods group during the Fall 2013 school, semester, we conducted a study on the different language and communication patterns between social networks: From left to right, Andre Roland, Kaci Johnson, Asia Greene, Rionna Cooper, and Willie Round).


live in Wilberforce, OH, attending Central State University (graduating Senior '14)but my heart is in Detroit.

Being a full time student majoring in Communications - Print Jornalism at Central State University, has given me the chance to edit and report stories for newsletters published by Westside Cultural and Athletic Club, a program in Detroit that I joined around the age of 5. I have also been involved in the publishing of a newsletter for the College of Humanities Department on Central's campus. However, the more experience I gain with interning  for the WCSU 88.9 FM radio station, the more I become interseted in becoming a Radio Journalist. My hopes are to be able to become successful and well-known in the media field. I'm a very giving person, where there's a need there's a way!

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